Save this Blessing

Save this blessing for when you most need it.

For loneliness.
For fear.

Save this blessing for
For anxiety.
For crisis.

Save this blessing
For when you feel torn between worlds
Between languages.
For when you’re caught in the crossfire
And when you feel you cannot breathe.

Save this blessing
For when the world you are birthing
With your bare hands
Is not coming fast enough.

Most importantly:
Save this blessing for when you think
the last thing you deserve

Is a blessing.
For when the right words are not coming.
For when you want to quit.

And when the work
feels like it’s never enough
And it won’t save you.

Save it because this blessing
refuses to believe
the worst things you say about yourself
The worst things anyone has ever said to you.
And refuses to let either have the final word.

This blessing
will not try to fix you.
Or silence you.
Or make you into something
You are not.

It will not whisper false hope
Or have all the answers.
But it will breathe by your side.

Here is what this blessing knows:
That you are needed
That your people need you.
And that if you haven’t found your people yet
or if you lose them
they can always be

In other words,
Let this blessing be a safe house.
Let it be a dream

Let it be laughs that slip through the cracks.
Let it be dancing.
Let it be another start.

Let it be the tap on your shoulder
Helping you remember you do
Not have to do anything

Dedicated to Jan Richardson, in gratitude for her book The Cure for Sorrow: A Book of Blessings for Times of Grief.

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